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Long Beach, CA


Long Beach, CA 90802

Executive Fire Protection

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Fire Suppression, Fire Protection Systems, Fire Extinguishers...

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Address: 65 Pine Ave #176, Long Beach, CA 90802

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Executive Fire Protection is a full service fire safety company protecting Long Beach with fire suppression solutions. For business, transit systems, Restaurants, Halon systems in the Long Beach area, having the proper fire suppression system is critical to the safety of the facility and those inside it. Executive Fire Protection works to find the best fire systems to suit your needs. With the ultimate goal of protecting life and property, Executive Fire Protection works to create a fire-safe environment. Plus, they will train you, your family, or your staff on important fire safety protocol and the use of the equipment. Working with your specific needs and facility, Executive Fire Protection will design and engineer custom solutions for you. They’ll work with your local fire authority or Coast Guard to ensure that the fire safety systems are adequate for your specific needs. For fire extinguisher service, system testing, and any other fire suppression concerns, contact Executive Fire Protection to find solutions that are right for you, your property, and your loved ones. To make sure that everyone finds the right fire suppression solutions, Executive Fire Protection always offers free estimates and information. To get yours, call (562) 429-5211 or visit the safety experts online.

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